Meghan’s Legacy Project

Schmegdome – What it is?

Meghan O'Connor's life was full of anything that involved being active and competitive, playing games (whether established or created on the spot), and helping others in need in any way she could. One of the ways Meghan gave back for over 15 years was through her volunteer activities with Our Father’s Children (OFC), a faith-based, non-profit organization that exists to reach out to children affected by abuse and neglect in North Texas. While attending these camps, Meghan shared her love for games by playing everything from dominoes and cards to paint ball and archery with campers and staff alike. When OFC was able to purchase a campground to call home, Camp Akiva, Meghan participated in helping to demolish and clean up buildings at the campground to help make those usable for future OFC camps and events.  

Meghan received her angel wings November 13, 2013, her “Heaven Day.” Out of this tragedy came the wish to continue sharing her legacy and generous nature with others, from which Meghan’s Legacy Project - Schmegdome was born. So what is this project? It is the dream of building a paintball and archery tag arena along with an archery range. It will also include a building to serve as equipment storage as well as the safe zone where players can get ready, take a break, or catch a game in progress. This project will be constructed at Camp Akiva. Here, OFC campers and many others will be able to enjoy those amenities for years to come.  

The idea to name this project “Schmegdome” came from Meghan’s college experience. Meghan spent her college years as a cheerleader for both Trinity Valley Community College and Stephen F. Austin State University. While at SFA, she received the nickname Schmeg, which served not only as her name from then on, but also to describe a unique language she alone created, but somehow, everyone else understood. The safe zone of Meghan’s project will have a dome-shape, thus the Schmegdome. In creating this project, Meghan’s family hopes to help others cherish the memory of Meghan forever.  

In order to make this dream a reality, there is a lot of hard work, planning, and fund raising to be done. To make a monetary donation, please visit Please feel free to visit, like, and share the project’s Facebook page. Help us get Meghan’s Legacy Project - Schmegdome completed to honor the memory of Meghan O’Connor. Her family is very appreciative of each and every person who has taken the time to visit her page and honor her memory.

Schmegdome - Fund Raising Efforts

While donations can be made directly to this project (donation link), our family and the Schmegdome committee will also be offering different items that can be purchased to help in our efforts to raise funds for this project. Please visit the Meghan’s Legacy Project – Schmegdome Facebook page to see what we are currently offering, and ways to purchase your very own gear to support Meghan’s Legacy Project – Schmegdome. Thank you so much for your support!

Upcoming Events

Schmegdome Work Day

work day cause causes schmegdome

Now that a bulk of the equipment has been purchased, it's time to start clearing the actual course area. We need help getting brush, a few trees, and help with other general clean up of the land. Be ready to get your hands dirty and work hard for a great cause! If you can't come out to help physically, consider making a tax-deductible donation to Meghan's Legacy Project. We need your help to give this project that final push over the finish line. Thank you!

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to this special project. Thanks for your support!


October 22, 2016:

Headed out to Camp Akiva to set up for the inaugural game of Archery Tag! Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support Meghan's Legacy Project - Schmegdome! It's an exciting time, and we can't wait to continue moving forward to make it a reality! We have not yet been able to raise all the funds for the actual building, but since we have bunkers and supplies, the campers will be able to experience archery tag on the playing field at camp. To get a better idea of what archery tag is, you can visit this link: Archery Tag.

July 24, 2016:

30 Archery Tag bows and 150 arrows plus 10 paintball bunkers have been delivered to Camp Akiva for Schmegdome!! We have also submitted several grant requests to Dallas/Fort Worth based businesses and should hear back about those before the end of the year. The family is working to put finishing touches on an official logo for Schmegdome and will unveil that as soon as it is complete. Thank you to everyone for helping and continuing to help us make this dream a reality.

April 8, 2016:

Members of Meghan's Legacy Project - Schmegdome were able to go out to Camp Akiva and look over the area where the actual building and courses will be constructed for Meghan's Legacy Project - Schmegdome. This is a raw area, no clean up has been done yet, but getting an idea of where we will be starting the project was a great experience. We even had our "Meghan Butterfly" join us on most of our tour. We will have a lot of cleaning up to do in order to make this a safe course. We do plan to keep a lot of the natural obstacles as a part of the course.

February 5, 2016:

So excited to announce that our new paintball equipment is being delivered to Camp Akiva! So what's next? The committee will be designing the safety and storage building for all of the equipment. We will also start to set work days for anyone to come out to the camp and help clear brush to get ready for our building.

January 4, 2016:

Committee members traveled to Granbury on Sunday in search of paintball supplies. Great news! We were able to find paintball markers, chest & neck protectors, masks & helmets, CO2 canisters & refill station, as well as protective course netting. What's next? We will be working to design and find materials for the storage and safety area building which will have the dome (hence Schmegdome). We will also start scheduling days to go out and start clearing the designated area at Camp Akiva.